Photographer, endurist and travel enthusiast …

I live in the South of Brittany, precisely to Vigneux de Bretagne, close to the edges of the superb Loire.

Pierre_PhotographeMy red thread :
Fix instants life, in particular by portraits and landscapes full of sweetness and poetry.

My course :
Child, I discover photography in the lab of my father where I learn the basics of the argentic print black and white on a DURST 601. My dad at the forefront of technology, shows me even how to develop prints colors: what a program!

At the end of my adolescence, I go alone on a motorcycle, then by car: France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, crossing of Niger to finish in Benin.
I discovered the joys of shooting as a reporter and my interest in the great outdoors.

Then, many trips in the West American West parks grow my passion for the grandiose regions and my shooting technique.

A few years later, I’m starting my first pros reports, especially for the highlighting of the productions of artisans.

At the same time, I keep the off-road motobike and hiking and I improve my technique of sporting shoots as close as possible to the action.

I love AI (Artificial Intelligence) and I express it in the creativity of many web softwares, in particular the online agenda/CRM, web service used by thousands of people every day.

In 2013, a motobike trek at the bottom of the Himalayas decided me to launch me into landscape photography: see the Blog here:

Super initiatic travel in Royal Enfield! 0009_IMG_3378

In 2014, I associate myself with 3 other photographers to create the gallery of photographic art CANOPIA, visible here : .Contacts and feedback are always rewarding experience.
My passion: Pass this know-how to new photographers and of course, always share and learn from the experts…

Other topics :
Photography and me… ==>
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